Cheap Moving Estimates In Less Then Two Minutes

Moving costs a lot of money in general. Whether you're buying or renting a new home, you're going to have to fork over a decent amount of money to make it happen. After spending so much cash on down payments, deposits and other fees, you'd probably like to spend as little as possible during the move itself. Finding moving companies who are professional yet cheap is a great way to do so. At, you can get free moving estimates from cheap moving companies around the country. The companies in our network handle local moves and state-to-state moving services, so you can get the assistance you need without jumping through a lot of hoops. Additional tips for saving money during your move are highlighted below.

Don't Pay For New Boxes

People are often shocked at how expensive new cardboard boxes can be. While some moving companies offer reasonably low prices for boxes and cartons, you should do what you can to get what you need for free. The trick to doing this is planning ahead. Check with friends, relatives and associates to see if anyone has spare boxes floating around. Ask around at local stores. With free boxes, you'll be able to shave a lot of expense off of the total price of your move.

Move Between Monday To Friday

Many cheap moving companies offer especially low rates on weekdays. If it's at all possible, try to schedule your move for a weekday. It may be a little less convenient, but it would be worth it if you are able to save a lot of cash. You can zero in on companies that offer especially low weekday rates by taking advantage of our moving company directory and collecting quotes.

Give Away or Donate Unneeded Items

The fewer things you have to move, the cheaper and easier your move will be. Start packing early. As you do, set aside things that you no longer want or need. Make a donation pile and a garage sale pile. Throw a garage sale to get rid of as many unneeded things as possible. For more expensive items, you might want to give eBay a try. Don't forget to check with loved ones to see if anyone could use the things that you'd like to give away. Make the rounds at the local thrift stores and second-hand shops. Donate whatever you can. By unloading as many things as possible, your move is sure to be cheaper and less stressful.

Enlisting Friends - Cheap Labor

One of the costliest and most time-consuming parts of moving is getting everything packed and organized. That's where your friends and relatives will come in, with any luck. You don't have to offer to pay them cash, but you could bribe them with cold drinks or offer to take them all out to dinner later. Just make sure that you're willing to repay the favor later.

Collect Moving Estimates For Free

Finally, you can pinpoint cheap moving companies that serve your area by using the handy directory at We also offer free moving quotes, which allow you to do a lot of research without a lot of effort. You can't hope to save money on a move without knowing as much as possible about going rates in your area. By being as informed as possible and knowing your options, you're sure to get through your move with your savings account intact.