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Online advertising is getting more and more expensive by the day, with less places to advertise high increase in competition one of the best places to look for is moving leads providers just like which generates thousands of moving leads a month with most of those leads being long distance aka interstate leads, What dose that mean for a company that is trying to generate new, fresh, live real time car shipping leads for their auto transport company, well most of our long distance moving leads are customers who are moving all their household goods along with their car, truck or van, People don't want to drive hundreds of miles, gas is very expensive, tolls and ware and tare so they end up shipping their car, If you visit our long distance moving estimates page you will see that we ask each long distance customer if they are shipping their vehicle, if they select YES then we ask them what year, make and model is their car and that's how we generate our car shipping leads, to find out more about our car shipping leads simply fill up the form above or call our toll free number today.